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Even if we remain flexible, we need Ground Rules.


This guide has been developed for the members of the NPLHA to ensure that all members are
treated fairly and held to the same standard.
• All meetings of the NPLHA will follow Roberts Rules of Order (c) 1967 by Java
Publications, Inc. Thirty-first printing, May 1980. Published by Jove Publications. Inc., for
the Fleming H. Revell Company
• Complaints - A written letter stating complaint with signature to be given to an executive member.

Confidentiality will be honored; any executive member releasing information will be relieved from their duties.
• Disciplinary action if needed (Depending on circumstance and severity). Persons involved will need to appear before the executive.
 1st offence -- Written warning
 2nd offence -- written warning and 1 week suspension of membership
 3 rd offence --written letter and 1 month suspension of membership and issue
brought before general membership
 4 th - Final offence - written letter, suspension of membership for 1 calendar year and issue brought before the general membership.
 Written offenses will be destroyed after 1 calendar year
• Dogs may be allowed in the arena only when rented for private events, so long as the dogs presence does not pose a risk to horses, riders or any other person present in the arena.

All dogs on other parts of the NPLHA grounds must be on a leash or in your vehicle at all times.
• Smoking is not permitted in the barns, hayshed, or arena and there are no
• Speed limit for motorized vehicles while on NPLHA grounds is 10 kms per hour.
• Personal quads and motor bikes are not permitted to be operated on NPLHA grounds unless for the purpose of maintenance and with the permission of the executive.
• Parking in front of the NPLHA residence is for the residence use only.
• Horses with contagious illnesses and/or diseases are not allowed to be brought on the NPLHA property. Proof of vaccination must be provided upon request before entering into a boarding contract with the NPLHA. If you have other reasons to not have your horse(s) vaccinated you must provide a written explanation from a veterinarian. (A receipt of purchase of vaccine is also considered proof)
• All users of the NPLHA use the facility at their own risk. The NPLHA is not
responsible for personal injury or liability to the user or his/her animal.

• All members must become familiar with the rules, regulations, and policies governing the facility. For your convenience they are posted in the arena and the barns.
• All persons using the NPLHA facilities must be a member in good standing, this also includes day users.
• The NPLHA is a non-profit society, and reports to the BC Societies Branch. The NPLHA follows all the rules that govern the Society Act.
• Electricity is for the NPLHA facilities only; no person shall plug into and live off the NPLHA electricity; with the exception of permission from the executive.
• Water is provided for the care, maintenance and the watering of members horses on the property. No person shall take water from the NPLHA to use elsewhere.
• Members must receive the approval of the Board of Directors to conduct business other than the NPLHA business on the NPLHA property and must pay all arena rental, lesson or drop-in fees as required. This also applies to all nonmembers and day users.
• Veterinarians, farriers, equine therapists, or other equine professionals may perform work on the NPLHA grounds at the request of a member and according to all other NPLHA rules, without having to pay drop in fees. All work as mentioned performed without request of a member are subject to paying all required fees (Veterinarians are exempt from the drop in Fees) Ten ($10) fee for nonmembers.
• Farriers are to work on the concrete pad in front of the arena or in barns ONLY.
• First Aid kits are located in the kitchen and in the water rooms of each barn.
• When first aid is required for events, the NPLHA recommends Standard First Aid, but will accept a minimum of a Level 1. First Aid certificate must be Valid.
• When an accident or incident occurs, the member or first aid attendant is required to complete an Incident Report and deposit it in the office drop box.
• Children 13 and under must wear a helmet, and must be supervised by an adult while riding.
• The NPLHA is a self-care facility; please use common sense or ask a current member when you are unsure of the posted rules or regulations.
• Lifetime members are responsible for purchasing Horse Council British Columbia Insurance if they are riding or boarding on the property.
• Monthly pasture, pen, and stall rentals are for members only.
• Tack box rentals are for members, priority will be given to boarding members.
• Members will submit a written request to the NPLHA Board of Directors to complete construction of any kind on the NPLHA property prior to the start of any 
construction or alterations on the NPLHA property. The Board of Directors will respond in a timely manner.
• Every member is entitled to a copy of the constitution, by-laws, and current rules of the NPLHA.
• All members are required to maintain current Horse Council British Columbia Insurance or equivalent.
• All members will be required to donate a minimum of one hour per month of volunteer time to the maintenance and upkeep of the facility.
• NPLHA members which are not in good standing will be sent a notice in writing that all debts are to be paid in full within 30 days. A second notice in writing will be sent, informing the member of his or her suspended membership, and the member will be required to remove the horse (s), feed and personal property within 48 hrs. Membership will be suspended until all debts are paid in full and user will not be allowed day use during this
time. 2% interest will be applied to any amounts outstanding over 30 days.
• NSF fees will incur the following penalties:
 1 st - NSF Cheque -Member will pay a $25.00 NSF Fee
 2 nd -NSF Cheque -Member will pay a $25.00 NSF Fee, and further payments will only be accepted in the form of Cash, certified cheque or money order.
• Board payments are due and payable on the first day of each and every month. A reminder notice will be provided to the members after 10 days and outstanding debt will be immediately payable on receipt.
• All monies owed to the NPLHA are to be paid before boarded horses and personal effects are removed from the property.
• Pen, Stall, Pasture and Hay area deposit is required upon entering a boarding contract with the NPLHA. The deposit will be refunded within one calendar month of a scheduled walk through with the Barn Director. The Barn Director has the final determination if the member is eligible for refund.
• Current Boarding fees are posted in the arena and barns.

• No Driving behind or past barns unless unloading hay, doing barn checks or doing maintenance as required.
• The self-care barns are under the supervision of the NPLHA Board member who holds the Barn Director position. All boarding issues, comments, concerns, and updates are to be discussed with the current Barn Director or via signed letter in the Drop-Box.
• Boarding contracts, first months boarding fees and deposit are required for each and every horse prior to commencing boarding. Members are required to provide current contact information for themselves, alternate contacts and veterinarians. Members are also expected to supply 3 Round bales if boarding in pasture or 20 square bales if boarding in Pens/stalls before boarding commences.
• When boarding a horse at the NPLHA, the member is responsible for the following:
 Maintaining a current account with all boarding fees paid regularly and
keeping them up to date.
 Returning NPLHA property (shovels, brooms etc.) to designated areas
 Feed-Purchasing, hauling, keeping organized, and maintaining tidy areas
 Horse care - Feeding, watering and checking horses daily.
 Stalls, pens and common areas used by the members are to be cleaned daily.
 Immunizations and maintenance are to be performed regularly.
 Adhering to proper etiquette, rules and regulations to the facility.
 feed must be kept in closed plastic containers, labeled and stored in
appropriate areas.
 Round bales fed in pastures, must be in bale feeders.
 No more than one NPLHA  suppliedwheel barrow of shavings in each stall per day.
• Horses boarding at the NPLHA may be allowed to graze in the infield or by the stands of the rodeo grounds and MIUST be moved into designated pen/stall each and every night.
*Grazing on the track is not permitted.
• Farrier work may be done in the barns, provided you are a member of the NPLHA, and that you clean up any and all mess left behind and that it does not interfere with other members access to stalls.
• All tools are to be cleaned, emptied, and put back in designated areas after every use.
• When hand feeding from a round bale, the bale must be on a pallet and members are responsible to clean up any mess made. There will be a $100.00 clean fee charged for negligence.
• Stalls that are left for more than 48 hours without being cleaned will result in a $20.00 per day charge to the boarder. An extension may be allowed for emergencies with approval from the Barn Director. If standards are not met within 48 hours of the initial warning, the boarding contract will be considered broken/ in breach and t
he member will be asked to remove his/her horses and personal belongings from the NPLHA property and pay all damages incurred.
• Upon termination of the boarding contract the members stall must be stripped clean, floor is to be swept, and stall dry is to be spread over the floor. All feed, signs, and personal belongings are to be removed from the property without delay, within 48 hours. Deposits will be returned as per Article 5.
• Only one horse per stall/ pen at one time.
• Hay is to be stored in the designated area and marked clearly with the member’s name.
• Members are allowed 2 pallets per horse with an additional 2 pallets per
additional horse to a maximum of 10 pallets -- pending space available.
• Two round bales may be stored outside the pasture with additional bales stored inside the track along the outside fence.
• Members are responsible for marking their pens/stall and pasture with current contact information on the signs provided in non permanent marker.
No mares foaling or mares with foals at their sides are allowed to board at the
• The required sizes of shelters placed in pens are 8X8X10 and may be painted in a neutral color.
 Brown, Tan, Grey tones are considered neutral colors.

• The NPLHA requires two (2) weeks minimum notice before member wants to
terminate their contract.
• Barn Check: Between 8:30-10pm a member will check that all pens, stalls, pasture gates are locked, horses are healthy and lights are shut off in arena. Member will also make sure all other members are off the property and locked the main gate when they leave.
Every Boarding member will participate in Barn check for 1 night a week for a period of 1 month.

• Arena may be booked by a member of good standing with proof of sufficient
• All users of the NPLHA facilities must be members of good standing or pay day use fees
• All users must sign a waiver form whether it is the yearly membership form (members) or the drop-in riding form (nonmembers) before riding and drop it in the office drop box.
• All arena bookings are posted in the arena and online. It is every members
responsibility to become familiar with the schedule and adhere to it.
• Arena time is to be booked with the Arena Director no less than 1 week before the event is scheduled to take place.
• Special event bookings, other than regular activities, will be posted in the arena not less than 1 week before the dates of the scheduled event.
• Be aware of the designated ride times. Open riding is for all members and drop-in riders
 Please ensure that what you are doing is agreeable with everyone using the Facility at that time.

• Booked events take precedence over open riding
• Lessons and open riding will take place at the same time; however they must not interfere with each other.
• Hourly lesson blocks can be booked to take place between 10: 00 am and 9:00 pm.
• Lesson blocks must be booked with the Arena Director and not less than 1 week in advance.
• Only 1 lesson block can be booked at a time.
• No glass is permitted in the riding area of the arena
• The arena is an unsupervised area; It is parents responsibility to see that their children are under adult supervision and aware of proper riding etiquette and facility rules all while wearing appropriate safety equipment.
• When riding in the arena, proper riding etiquette is passing left to left.
• No jumping, roping, excessive speed, barrel racing, or rollbacks unless permission granted by ALL other riders in the arena at that time.
• Jumping is allowed only when an insured person and person with current first aid training are present. If that person is to be the only one jumping, a second party must be present. (Must always have a second person or more present during any jumping)
• Keep a safe distance between you and other riders of 
one horse length.

• Faster moving horses on the outside rail, slower horses on the inside track.

• Visiting and tack adjustments must be done in the middle of the arena.
• Grooming and tacking to be done in the tie up area
• Only one horse is to be lunged at one time, with the exception that two may be allowed, if they are the only two horses in the riding arena.
• Horses are not to be left unattended for more than 20 minutes. Owners or trainers must remain on the property when horses are left unattended in the arena
• No feeding or preparing feed in the arena.

 Do not prepare feed in the Kitchen. You may fill a clean sanitized bucket with
water from the kitchen to transport to another area for feed preparation.

• Farrier work is not to be done in the arena
• Arena tie up area is to be left clean at all times. Users are responsible to clean up after themselves and their horse(s)
• Colt breaking, or horses with less than 30 hours riding time, occurs between 6:00 am and 12:00 pm, Monday through Friday. And weekends are from 6:00 am to 10:00 am. During this time, horses with less than 30 rides may be in the arena. Also during this time, 6 Horses are allowed per trainer; after which 3 horses per person are permitted.
• Stallions are to be tied at the far end of the Arenas tie up area, must never be left unattended or loose, and must not be handled or ridden by anyone under the age of 19 years of age.
• Arena hours are from 6.00 am to 10:.00 pm seven days a week.
• Members must be dismounted from their horses by 10:00 pm .No exceptions.
• Horses that kick must wear a red ribbon in their tails. They should be tied as far away from the entry door and constant traffic as possible.
• There is a no tie zone. This is the first 10 feet in front of entrance door in the tie up area of the arena.

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