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Our Story

The North Peace Light Horse Association was founded in 1962 by a small group of people. The Club founders had a vision to create a shared equestrian facility easily accessible to the local community. The Club was donated the 39-acre property we now call home, and with the help of a dedicated group of volunteers, began work on the barns, arena and track we all still enjoy to this day. As the of City of Fort St. John grew and the NPLHA became part of the city limits, Club members are rallying together to preserve the unique character of the NPLHA. Moving forward, we see a new and improved facility that the Fort St. John community and surrounding areas can enjoy.  We hope to keep agriculture in our city limits.As the club continues to grow and evolve, we look forward to the future plans for improved facilities an amenities that will increase access to the equestrian sport for the Peace Region.

The Basics

“If people had hearts like horses, The world would be a Better place”

Hours of operation: The Club is open daily from 6:00am until 10:00pm for use by members.

Grounds maintenance: The Indoor arena is groomed daily. Other rings are groomed on a seasonal basis OR on an ‘as-needed’ basis (e.g. outdoor arenas).

Club volunteers work diligently to provide the best possible footing and riding conditions.




Membership Identification: ALL Club members and guests must display or have on their person a Club-issued identification card.

Club volunteers, Board Directors and Club Instructors may ask to see these cards and individuals MUST comply - failure to do so may result in loss of riding privileges. Individuals failing to have their card will be asked to leave the property.

Getting involved: The Club requires hundreds of hours of effort each year in order to keep fee’s affordable and to ensure funds are able to be directed towards improvements and not just day-to-day operations.  It is anticipated that all club members – regardless of their age or category will engage in the club and community there are many ways to get involved – from greeting competitors, to sitting on the board, or sponsoring an event.  All contributions allow us to grow, improve and continue to provide access to equestrian sport here in our beautiful Fort St. John.

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